Restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health, independence, and economic stability of our workers and customers. 


Mason City Council voted Oct. 25 to approve a "Sanctuary City for the Unborn" Ordinance 

We, the undersigned, stand against policies and legislation that hinder people’s health, independence, and ability to fully succeed in the workplace. 

Restricting access (whether by banning procedures and medications or criminalizing assistance of any sort) to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health, independence, and economic stability of our workers and customers.

Simply put, policies that restrict reproductive health care go against our values and are bad for business. It impairs our ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce pipelines, recruit top talent to our locations in Mason, and protect the well-being of all the people who keep our businesses thriving day in and out. It will trigger boycotts that will further damage our businesses already hurt by the pandemic.

The "sanctuary city for the unborn" ordinance threatens the future of gender equality in Mason and sets a damaging precedent for other communities in Ohio. It puts our families, communities, businesses, and the economy at risk. We urge Mason City Council to reject this legislation.


When it goes into effect, the ordinance will ban all abortions within Mason and criminalize assisting anyone who needs an abortion – putting you at risk of 12 months imprisonment and a $2,500 fine.

Criminalizes "aiding and abetting" an abortion in Mason, including:

  • Logistical support like driving someone to an appointment
  • Giving advice over the phone or the internet
  • Employers/insurance companies paying for abortions

Criminalizes possession or sale of abortion-inducing medications, including misoprostol (also approved to treat ulcers and women having a miscarriage).

Defines life on Christian terms, which discriminates against those of other faiths or none at all.

Threats to Employers and Employees


Is it worth the risk to business?

  • RECRUITING. Top talent will be unwilling to move to or work in a city with such extreme restrictions on healthcare for women. Many current residents are considering relocation.

  • BOYCOTTS. People are already threatening to boycott Mason, its businesses, and events it hosts, including the Western & Southern Open. If Lebanon, Ohio's experience is any indication, the economic fallout for Mason could be severe.

  • INVESTOR RELATIONS. AT&T's stock dropped 7.5% a week after it was disclosed that they have a majority stake in OAN (right-wing media network).

Sign the open letter (full text below) defending gender equality, independence, and health for all in the workplace.

Download and share the fact sheet and open letter, and invite others to sign.

Email or call the city of Mason to express your concerns:  513-229-8500

What can you do?

Joy Bennett, CEO
Jumpstart Marketing

Jane Abbott Doster

Nikki Foster

Caryn Weckstein, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Heritage

Richard Ratliff, Retired

Amanda Green

Chuck Pfahler and Nora Martini, Owners
Adesso Coffee

Sonia Milrod

Matt Hauer

Ron Harper
Ron Harper Creative

Trisha Hilton-Mills RN, BSN

Alecia Lipton

Kim Chambers

Megan Bosco

Eva Schneiderman

Sign the Open Letter Asking Mason City Council to Support Gender Equity

An Open Letter to Mason City Council

Eric Schneiderman

Nan Whaley, Mayor
City of Dayton, Ohio

Jeni Keeler, Partner
Silverbow Projects

James Ulietti, Partner
Silverbow Projects

Jackson Wheeler

Bill Dudley

Laura Mercier, Owner
Ritual Collective

Rebecca Youngmeyer

Veronica Strevel

Jennifer Benson, BA, OCPC, ICPS
Prevention Across the Ages, LLC

Christine Triskett Bailey
Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio

Terry Kahn

Carol Prinz

Michelle Hudepohl, Realtor

Cathy Elliott

Keri Arinsmier

Tara Simpson

Emily Huisman

Nichole Leporati

Stephanie Terribilini

Sara Oates
Social Graces

Amy Mercer

Meghan McDevitt

Charlene Schneider
Charlene Kamin Schneider, Ph.D.

Nancy Glaser

Vicki Colon

Julie Womack

Gina Morrone

Cheryl DelVecchio

Rachel Raspanti

Rachel Morimoto-Tinney

Kim Skindzier

Karen and Allan Kopak

Kacey Kopak

Allan Kopack Jr

Gina Parlato

Beverly McCabe

Julie Szawaluk

Jay Schneider

Erin Schneider

Kelley Flodder

Lisa Gregg

Kristal Miller

Mary McKenna

Judith Trees

Bianca Soper

Shari and David Soper

J Frick

Misty West

Paula Clymer, Retired

Kristin Goecke

Mary Brogan, Teacher

Tabitha Klonne

Sara Meek

Jessie Good

Heather Canner

Kristine Heekin

Mandy Huecker

Manisha Godbole

Amy Alexander

Diane Bellard

Samantha Allen

Sheryl Rajbhandari

Kelly Sakalas

Tiffany Harmon

Leonora Tenaglia

Amy Hammons

Beth Eline

Laura Contreras

Melissa Whalen

Harry Smith

MaryJo Driscoll

Rebecca Youngmeyer

Megan Young

Jessica Oscar

Susan Allen
KI Season pass holder or holdout

Kristine ROIY Croop

Katherine Durack

Miranda Damico

Jill Mays

Matthew Benson

Louise Chang

Diane Altherr

Robert Foster

Lynda Crabtree

Paige Galberg

Rachel Foster

Matthew Gneuhs

The Rev. Paula M Jackson, PhD.
Church of Our Saviour Episcopal

Sherry Goldfon

Edwin Gasparraj
MasonCC, Focus on the city, not women’s bodies)

Mrs. Royal Duncan

Rangaswamy Shyam

Scott and Kelly Cook

Amy Bensman

Jane Bensman

Heather Williamson

Brady Williamson

Shirley Havens

Robert Turley

Mary Eck

Stacy Holbrook

Carlina Flynn

Mala Patel

Regula Christeler Julmy

Heinz Julmy

Emily Ward

Patricia Miller

Kayra Fuster

Angie Ashraf

Christine Capobianco

Naomi Humphreys

Carol Donovan
Lets Talk Lebanon Ohio

Sharon MeliaKeeler
Business Owner

Lauren Hicks

Holly Williams

Lily Geiser

Jennifer Amazon

Mason Resident

Merideth Rought

Jennifer Notton

Mike Bennett

George Barnard, Rabbi (ret.)

Kelsey Wargo
Wargo Counseling & Consultation, LLC

Brandy Reeves

Suzanne Dull

Vera Long

Kay Long

Tammy Aberman

Amy Carey

Page Elena

Rebecca Guthier

Julia Farinas

Shearer Abbey

Robert M. Viney
Retired Veteran, former Business Executive, Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati

Katie Hauer

Kathy Crouch

Linda Wentzel

Robert Wentzel

Chrisse Roccaro

Jose Maria Contreras

Mary Beth Poehner

Debbi Mayo

Suzanne Tacca

Sally Gasior

Kate Davis

Vickie Revelette

Bethe Goldenfield

Amy Walter

Joanne Kemper

Karen Pinsky

Jason Frederick

Yazell Donald

Andrea Oberschlake

Paul Oberschlake

Joyce Shrimplin

Kelley Walczak Bellin

Michael Jones, Staff Mechanical Engineer

Kelsey Turner

Ashley Husain

Keep your religion and privilege out of politics and women’s bodies. If you don’t like abortion, don’t get one.

Angel Kovach, Doctor

Katie McGeorge

Kathryn Yang, Certified Nurse Midwife

Paul Yang

Karen Pinsky

Jeanne Aronoff

Mrs. Royal Duncan

Stephen Wheeler

Tracy Wheeler

Jeff Chambers

Teresa Schrader

Steve Schrader

Cicily Eagle

Tara Schemanske

Leanne Kennedy

Justin Kennedy
J. Kennedy Guitars

Melanie Kraus

Elizabeth Kennedy

Shari Shoufler

Barbara Haaga

Ellie Morrissey, Credit Analyst

Daniel Grubich

Julie Murray